Thursday, December 2, 2010

My Friends Said I Should

I've been an avid blog stalker for several months now.  Is it crazy that I've never met most of the people whose lives I follow?  I guess there's something weirdly fascinating about sneaking a peek into other people's lives.  Similar to how I love driving at dusk this time of year.  Neighbors still have their blinds open, allowing a fraction of a second to see them eating their dinner or watching the news. 

Anyway, I'm Annie.  Wife to John, mom to two small boys, Henry and Philip.  I stay at home and have been needing a creative outlet.  Since writing has always brought me pleasure, I figured a blog would give me a place to empty out my thoughts.  Does anyone keep journals anymore?  Besides, I have a couple of college friends who've mentioned that I should start a blog.  Here it is, girls!

Lastly, blog name.  Honestly, I just sat here for a bit trying to think of something original and nothing happened.  My friends and I used to say "Go Big or Go Home" all the time in college, and one time I added the second half, "Or Go Home Big," and it just kind of stuck.  So, go big or go home in your own life, and stay tuned for who knows what else!


1 comment:

  1. Hooray! You're a blogger! I'll be your biggest fan! = ) Good work, Annie.